Travel Three Incredible Historic Tourist Spots in Odisha with ODCAR

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A state with a glorious history, nature, and adventure, Odisha is known as the soul of India. This state is laden with magnificent sights, temples, beaches, flora, fauna and a lot more. And in this post, we at ODCAR have brought to you three such incredible destinations within Odisha that worth a visit. Have a look!

Mahabinayak Temple, Chandikhole, Jajpur –

Mahabinayak temple in Chandikhole, Jajpur is one of the oldest Ganesha temples in Odisha. The major attraction here is that the Pancha Devata, i.e. five Gods Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Durga, and Surya Devata are worshipped as a single deity in a single sanctum. And such tradition of worship cannot be found in any other temple. This famous and historic temple is located in the heart of the mountain “the Barunabanta” or “Barunei” hills. Also, the shrine is surrounded with lush green nature and beautiful streams, making it even more attractive and pleasing for visitors from all over the country. Although this temple is named after Lord Ganesha’s another name Binayak, this place is popularly known as a Shiva Kshetra. There are different histories associated with it. According to one story when Lord Shiva cut the head of their son Lord Ganesha, then his detached head fell at this place, and as per another story at the time of Mahabharata battle Kunti offered one lakh Swarna (golden) Champa flowers to Lord Shiva from this place for the victory of her sons in the battle.

Gonasika Temple, Keonjhar –

A temple surrounded by picturesque green valleys and up rolling hills of varying color, Gonasika Temple is a famous temple of Brahmeshwar Mahadev established by the side of river Baitarani by Creator Lord Brahma. It is believed that the perennial river Baitarani is originated here through two nostrils of a cow! Strangely, the river goes underground and re-appears to be collected inside Brahma Kunda and hence it is also popularly known as Gupta Ganga. This Lord Shiva temple was constructed during 1654 – 1688 AD by King Laxmi Narayan Bhanja. This beautiful tourist spot located at a distance of 30 kilometers from Keonjhar town is filled with exotic flora and fauna. One can also study the tribal Juang life here.

Daringbadi, the Kashmir of Odisha –

Located in the middle of coffee plantations, resonating valleys, pine forests, and pleasing meadows, Daringbadi is the perfect summer retreat. Located in the Kandhamal district, this astonishing destination is surrounded by thick, lush forests of Odisha. The name Daringbadi is believed to be given after the name of one of the British in charges of this region, Daring Saheb. The presence of gardens, forests, hills, waterfalls, and streams has made Daringbadi one of the sought after destinations especially during the summers. Also, there are a lot more interesting spots in and Daringbadi such as Madubanda and Badangia waterfalls, Butterfly Garden, Belghar Sanctuary, Hill View Park, Kotgarh Wildlife Sanctuary and Rushikulya River. Trek it’s towering hills and camping in the beautiful forests are the most loved activities here.

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